3.7.3. /admin/{:ehr_id}/composition

Methods to administrate the Composition resource. DELETE /admin/{:ehr_id}/composition/{:composition_id}

Delete the composition identified by “composition_id” physically from database. This will also remove all history information on the related composition and their entries.

The target “composition_id” must be formatted as versioned object uid (i.e. UUID). In contrast to the client API this method will physically remove the given composition and all linked metadata. Request format

The request should be formatted as follows:


There are no headers required.


No body required Response format

The response will be formatted as follows:


There are no extra headers returned

Status Codes

Depending on several request conditions or errors during the request handling there will be on of the following status codes returned:

  • 204 (NO CONTENT) Composition has been deleted successfully.
  • 404 (NOT FOUND) The Composition with provided id cannot be found. This can also occur if the id is not in valid UID format.


No body returned