3.8.4. /management/healthΒΆ


Added in EHRbase version 0.15.0

The health endpoint provides information on the current status of the running EHRbase service process. Therefore it can provide information on liveness (service started) and readiness (service is available to serve requests) whis is often used by cloud orchestration software like Kubernetes.

If Spring-Boot-Actuator detects a Kubernetes environment the probes for liveness and readiness are enabled automatically. If you like to test the endpoints outside a Kubernetes environment open file application.yml inside application module and set value managment->endpoint->health->probes-> enabled to true and re-build and re-start EHRbase.

An example response for health on Kubernetes would look like this:


This example also contains the output of the probes for liveness and readiness. If the status equals UP the probe reports success.

See the official documentation for more information.