EHR Endpoint



The DefaultRestClient includes a DefaultRestEhrEndpoint with the following functionalities. Create an EHR

The creation of a new EHR is as simple as calling:

UUID ehr = openEhrClient.ehrEndpoint().createEhr();


The option to add a custom EHR Status object at this step is already on the road map. Get the EHR status

Retrieval of the EHR Status of a given EHR is done with a call like:

Optional<EhrStatus> ehrStatus = openEhrClient.ehrEndpoint().getEhrStatus(ehrId); Update the EHR status

Updating works in the same way and might be used like in the following:

// Retrieval and modification of the Status
// Followed by updating it
openEhrClient.ehrEndpoint().updateEhrStatus(ehrId, ehrStatus);